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Monday, October 17, 2016

How To Stop Google Play from Automatically updating

Dear reader, I want to share how to fix Google play store crash and updating automatically thereby causing unfortunately palystore has stopped working error. To fix this you can also read my previous post how to fix unfortunately app has stopped working
First, you must have version 4.8.2 installed (just replace it in /system/app with the new
Instructions found:

1. root, install supersu
2. install busybox, then terminal emulator
3. Tested on Android ICS (Cyanogenmod 9, Play Store 3.*) rooted phone
4. Stop whatever Internet access on your Android it will silently auto-update Play Store, making yo hard typing work useless.
5. Open Settings → App manager and find Play Store. Tap on it. Tt will open properties window.
6. There will be button Uninstall Updates. on it, click yes on "replace with factory version? question.
Since there is no Internet at that moment Play Store can't be updated.
7 Open Terminal Emulator and type the commands one by one:
At this time supersu app will ask you for granting root access for Terminal Emulator app, click grant access.
Next command type
mkdir /data/app/
Instead of creating a file and preventing modification with permissions it just creates a directory, which can't be overwritten by the updater.

Now you can re-enable the internet connection and it will not update unless the directory is deleted.

Friday, October 14, 2016


Dear Reader, if you are still having issues browsing with Etisalat Free Browsing and Glo unlimited free browsing then you must check this out.

New latest unlimited free browsing with newly hacked tweakware no more buying of premium account and upgrading servers.

This Vpn handler is like Tweakware but modded by Kelebzy TWMOD with super speed compared to the original one by cast.

It works on current cheats like Etisalat 0. 0 & Glo. Apart from tweaking of free browsing this TweakwareMoD can also be used to speed up your Internet connection

This wonderful app is called KELEBZY TWMOD


1. Download the KELEBZY's Vpn app directly from HERE

2. Then open it
Click settings

Then select bundle settings

3. Click select bundle settings

Then choose the one you want.

4. Go back to the main page and select from over 7 free server's.

no more "Maximum Number of free user's reached"

5. After selecting the one you want click connect and enjoy the go.

1) all useless ads removed from d app
2) servers updating blocked without mercy
3)when u quit the app u can go back and connect easily
4)connects like flash
5) no more maximum users reached
6) fast when downloading

Even if your glo browsing speed is as slow as snail it will connect and blaze like mad.

>To make it unlimited use ID changer data allowance is 500mb per server or read my next post how to tweak it unlimited using XPrivacy Gaurd, no more wasting of money for premium account no more upgrading.
Feel free to comment share if it works for you.

Monday, October 10, 2016

How To Share Health App Activity Via Stickers In The Messages App In iOS 10

The Messages app in iOs 10 now has its own ecosystem of apps. For the most part, the apps released for the Messages app have been stickers. Some are free but most are not. The artwork of the stickers are what make a sticker app worth buying. Of course, not all sticker apps are the same. Meet Health Stickers , a sticker app for the Messages app in iOS 10 that connects with the Health app and lets you share your activity in the form of stickers. The app regularly fetches current data from the Health app. You can send an iMessage contact your blood group, number of flights of stairs you have climbed, calories burned, steps walked, and more.
Install Health Stickers and allow it to access data from the Health app. Health Stickers adds an app icon to the Home screen. Simply access the app from the Home screen to connect it with the Health app. You can choose what data it has access to.

Once Health Stickers has access to your data, you can start sharing it. Open the Messages app and tap the App Store button. Enable the app in Messages if you don’t see it.

The stickers let you share your gender, your blood group, steps walked, distance walked, calories burned, exercise/active time, heart rate, stairs climbed, your current weight, and more. Tap the sticker to add it to the input text field and tap send.

As far as stickers go, this is the first app we’ve seen that isn’t meant to be cute. It’s a great way to share activity and it’s better than looking at the rather boring graphs the Health app has. It’s surprising this isn’t something iOS lets you do as a stock feature considering the Apple Watch does let you share your activity with friends.
Install Health Stickers from App Store

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Nova Launcher: The Fun of Android

Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers for the android smartphones and gets 100 million downloads on Google Play. Nova launcher is developed for modern android smartphones and comes with some new cool features, it mostly comes with newer phones especially Marshmallow OS 6, small app with wonders.

This High customizable launcher is offered by TeslaCoil Software which is so powerful and much customizable. Recently nova Launcher has been updated this year with improved search bar configuration and Night Mode. The default features in this Top Launchers are swiping up where you can easily change the desktop grid by adding more icons. The Nova launcher replaces your home screen and turns your home screen into a new stunning look and also change the icons, layouts animation and much more.

Download Now

I for one didn't like this launcher but since their recent update, I would say this is wow..
Feel free to leave your comments..